Amazon UK has free shipping to Australia for DVDs/Blurays

I know I usually only post iTunes specials. But if you’re into Blurays, this deal is awesome.

I’ve been buying my Blurays from Amazon UK for about 18 months now as they are much cheaper than in Australia and they are the same region.

The prices just got a lot better, because until May 10th you can get free international shipping for orders over £25!! Most (if not all) Blu-ray titles are eligible for this offer, and there’s many great deals to be had compared to the local market.

Some pricing just to show you how good it is:

Butterfly Effect Trilogy [Blu-ray] [2004] ~$14 AUD

Underworld Trilogy [Blu-ray] [2003] ~$19 AUD

Planet Earth: Complete BBC Series [Blu-ray] [2006] ~$20 AUD

Life [Blu-ray] [2009] ~$21.50 AUD

Band Of Brothers: Complete HBO Series (Commemorative 6-Disc Gift Set In Tin Box) [Blu-ray] [2001] ~$23 AUD

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Theatrical Version) [Blu-ray] ~$23 AUD

Mission Impossible: Ultimate Missions [Blu-ray] ~$24 AUD

X-Men Trilogy [Blu-ray] [2000] ~$24 AUD

The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray] [2002] ~$24 AUD

The Mummy 1, 2 & 3 Box Set [Blu-ray] [1998] ~$24 AUD

If you want to keep up with good Bluray deals, head over to Bluray Bargains Australia.

[Source: Bluray Bargains Australia]