20% off iTunes cards at Woolworths until 19/7

If you can’t get through until the 21st of July for the Target deal, you’re in luck!

Until next Tuesday the 19th, you can get 20% off iTunes gift cards at Woolworths.

Thanks to Tully and Nicholas who sent this one in.

Other known gift card deals:

[25%] Target - Buy 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 - Starts 21/7, ends 3/8
[15%] Coles Express – 15% off iTunes cards – ends 17/8

4 Responses to “20% off iTunes cards at Woolworths until 19/7”

  1. Is this available in all states?

  2. It’s available at least in QLD and VIC. Please let us know if you have difficulties.

  3. Cool thanks I’m in Vic, will go and check it out later. Thanks for the reply :)

  4. Confirmed at Neutral Bay Woolworths :) till 19th July :)