EXPIRED: 15% off $30, $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards at Officeworks

As some of you have noticed, the long running 20% discount for iTunes at Officeworks ended recently. We wondered whether this meant Officeworks had finished discounting iTunes gift cards for good.

However, this is not the case as Officeworks have now updated to a new deal with 15% off $30, $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards.  The same card limits apply as per the previous deal. $30 cards have a purchase limit of 10 per customer, $50 cards have a limit of 6 per customer and $100 cards have a limit of 3 per customer.


This offer is available both online and in store with no apparent end date. If you hear of any additional details, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Daniel on Twitter for the tip!

[Source: Officeworks]

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