Apple finally lets you check out iTunes store without installing iTunes

Apple may control one of the most popular digital music and video stores on earth. But that’s really not saying much, since there are still millions of people who haven’t installed iTunes on their PC or who can’t install it on their Linux computer. And for all of those people, clicking on a web link that’s supposed to take you to to the iTunes listing for a song, video, or iPhone app is an exercise in frustration, since what you end up looking at is a web page telling you to install iTunes.

But that’s finally changing. Apple has launched a new service called iTunes Preview that lets you browse the iTunes catalog on the web. It also lets users copy a link from the iTunes client and paste it onto the web. When you click on that link, instead of going to a page telling you that you can’t proceed without installing software, you’ll be taken to a listing on Apple’s web site.

This is especially useful for people who aren’t using iTunes. But it could also come in handy for iTunes users that simply don’t want to fire up the software just to look up a song or artist.

The iTunes Preview service is only available for music at the moment. There’s no word on if or when Apple will roll it out for iPhone Apps and video content.

[Source: CNET via Download Squad]