Apple now lets you send iPhone apps as gifts

If you’ve ever wanted to give an iPhone app to someone else — how many of you have wanted to buy games for your kids, for example? — Apple has good news for you: a “gift” feature is now enabled in the iTunes App Store. It works just like giving music has worked in the App Store for some time now: enter the contact details, and Apple sends the recipient an email with a link to collect their new apps. It’s that easy!

Giving generic iTunes gift cards was cool, but being able to make a present of a specific app you know someone will enjoy is a nice bonus feature. If you give someone a card and recommend an app, they actually have to remember it. With the gift feature, all they’ll need to do is click and download. It’s not earth-shattering, but at least the app side of Apple’s operation is up to speed with the music side, now.

[Source: Mashable via Download Squad]

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