Target has 25% off iTunes gift cards this long weekend!

A number of people received a special ‘e-news’ from Target overnight promoting ‘Top to Bottom Value’.

From today (24th April) until Wednesday 28th April you can get 25% off iTunes gift cards at Target!

Not sure if there is a limit, or whether you can only get one at a time. Let us know in the comments what you were able to get.

That’s the best we’ve had for a while, and it’s good to see specials better than 10% off.

So stock up now! I don’t think we’ll have much else until the end of financial year sales…but I’d be quite happy to be wrong 🙂

[Source: Target]

Thanks to Jay and Nhut who sent this in!


  • nano vasatb



  • Nhut Minh


Buy $20 x 200pcs for $3000. You only get 10 code for a receipt, and they do 20 times... OMG???!!!

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  • Rowan


Hang many did you buy??

  • Nhut Minh


No Limit, I has bought 200 card for $3000.

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