UPDATED: Woolworths Petrol 20% off iTunes gift cards

Woolworths/Safeway Petrol are running a national promotion with a discount on iTunes gift cards.

Note: This special is for the Woolworths owned petrol stations, not the supermarket.

You can get 20% off iTunes Gift Cards at the point of sale until 2nd May or while stocks last. No word on limits, so please let us know if you find there are any!

Thanks to Trent for the tip on Twitter! An enquiry on the website confirmed it for me.

UPDATE: Some people are having difficulty getting the discount. Stations are saying they don’t know about it. Has anyone out there been able to get the deal??

UPDATE 2: I have visited my local Woolworths/Caltex Service Station and managed to secure my 20% off! So it is out there.


  • Lisa


No prob in Rowville last week even to May 2nd is not the end of the promotion here

  • Bubbles1963


Thanks for that Rowan, used the link and have sent some feedback. Just annoyed as I made a special trip as the Promotion ended today.Probably a waste of time, however they need to make staff aware of promotions as the lady who worked there did not have a clueThanks again:)

  • Rowan


Damn...that's rude!You could try contacting them through their website: http://www.woolworthspetrol.com.au/contactus.htmlThat's who I wrote to when I was trying to confirm the special.

  • Bubbles1963


WELL..... What a Waste of time that was Went for a special trip to Singleton NSW Woolworths Petrol sill had 1/4 tank however saw promotion ended todayFilled up petrol tank $65 and happily went into get my Itunes Card at 20% offFirstly attendent knew nothing about it, however admitted that had been asked only the night before about it. (Would have been a nice gesture to look into it more maybe??)Then proceeded to make several phone calls (mobile mind you). First knew nothing about promotion. 2nd phone call said that promotion was over. I said it says until 2 May. She made another phone call and am then told they have run out...........Well what a waste of 20 minutes for me and just because they were too stingy to give me a $4 discount on my Itunes I am now not shopping there ever again. Good move Woolworths.Any idea who I need to contact to find out if they ever did supply to public the special offer or not?

  • Rowan


I contacted their head office about it before I listed the special. This is what they said:

Thank you for your enquiry. We are currently running a promotion in all stores and it is available at point of purchase valid until 2nd May or until stocks last.Customer Service National Petrol Woolworths Limited
But I know a couple of others have had some issues. Did you get them to scan the card to see if it discounted automatically? As pricing is set from head office.

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