UPDATED: Australian iPhone 4 pricing announced

UPDATED: Three, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile pricing listed below the original post

Last night, Apple confirmed (again) that the iPhone 4 was launching in Australia on Friday. They also confirmed the outright price for their new phones:

The 16GB iPhone 4 will cost $859 outright, while the 32GB version sneaks in just under the $1K mark at $999.

Unlike Telstra and Optus, Apple won’t be hosting any midnight store openings on Thursday night, instead their retail stores are opening at 8am like every other day.

Telstra pricing

Telstra is first off the blocks this year, announcing pricing for the iPhone 4 a whole four days before the phone goes on sale.

Both the 16GB and the 32GB versions of the new phone will be available on either a $49, $79 or $99 cap plan, including 200MB, 500MB and 500MB worth of data respectively. Unlike some other marquee handsets released this year, Telstra won’t be selling the iPhone 4 outright, although Apple has announced outright pricing this morning as well.

In addition to pricing, Telstra has announced that they’ll be holding midnight store openings around the country, including South Australia and Tasmania.

Optus Pricing

Telstra may have beaten Optus to the punch with their iPhone 4 pricing, but Optus has struck back, bundling a minimum of 1GB worth of data with all its iPhone 4 plans.

The iPhone 4 will be available on the $49, $59, $79 and $89 consumer cap plans (over 24 months), which include 1GB, 2GB, 2GB and 3GB worth of data respectively. On the plans, the 16GB handset is free on the $59 plan, while the 32GB is free on the $79 plan.

It will be interesting now to see what potential iPhone customers do. A lot of iPhone 3G customers will be looking to upgrade and there seems to be a lot of chatter from Optus customers looking to leave the network. But consider the difference in data allowances between Optus and Telstra – 1GB compared to 200MB for a $49 plan (and 3GB compared to 500MB on the higher end of the scale).

Three Pricing

Three has three plans on offer: $39, $49 and $79, which include 150MB, 250MB and 1GB worth of data, although the press release suggests that each plan includes a bonus 1GB of data on each plan.

Vodafone Pricing

Vodafone, meanwhile, has plans at the $29, $49, $69, $79 and $99, with 50MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB and 2GB worth of data respectively, each boasting 1GB bonus data (except the $29 plan which has a bonus 500MB).

Virgin Mobile Pricing

Official details have just been released from Virgin Mobile. The Easy Cap plans include international and unlimited Virgin to Virgin talk and text, while the Smart Caps add on top unlimited text to anyone in Australia, a bigger data allowance and the ability to rollover unused credit. Definitely worth a closer look.

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  • Wally


Virgins deal seem only available in store, no doubt likely to be going to be online later.Total cost $1056.Compare this to $849 outright for just the iPhone 4 from Apple. Unlock free after 6mth i think Otherwise $250 fee to unlockVirgin includes International calls within the voice cap, and provides 'free' Virgin to Virgin callsI think this is substantially good value, considering that the best you could get iPhone 16gb 3GS in the past was 49/mth, with less call value.Plan Upgrades: - For $10 more the extra 1.7GB of Data added provides $54 for $300 of calls and 2GB of data which is very good value!- Also for the true Netizen - $59 for $450 of call and 2.5GB of data is almost mindblowing!Only possible downside is that Virgin mobiles connect via the Optus Network which can get congested at times!

  • Colin


ok, looks like most places have stock, but only a handful of both 16 and 32. I was hanging out for Virgin too, but the $18 more for the 32 is a bit much to ask. I mean seriously. But overall it's still a good deal. 6AM start baby!!

  • Rowan


There you go Tim J...Virgin pricing!

  • Rowan


I haven't seen Virgin's pricing. If you can send it to me, I'll happily add it to the post.

  • Tim J


What about Virgin???

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