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I just thought I’d let you all know that comments no longer require registration, only an email address and a name. This should make it easier for everyone and encourage more discussion. So hit us up in the comments and let us know how much you’ve saved recently or what’s next on the list to buy!

Need more of an incentive to comment? For the next two weeks. I will be picking one comment per week which I think is the ‘Comment of the Week’. That lucky person will win a $20 iTunes gift card! I know, massive prize right?!

What are you waiting for??! Post away!

(Note: Spam or offensive/useless posts don’t count! Make sure you use a valid email address, that’s how I’ll contact you)


  • david


I was due to work, but as fate would have it, I tore out 2 stitches on Thursday and had to get them replaced before the would opened back up. That meant I could not get to work in time for the shift Thursday night, so I decided to hit the Apple store on George St Sydney really early.... 4:30 am along with the wife and 2 kids.The wait was long, and we eventually walked out with a working iPhone 4 at just before noon. On the way home I bought 2 $20 iTunes vouchers for $30 thanks to iTunesonsale and bought a few new apps to really show the most out of the new screen.The apple iPhone is awesome, the apps are cheap thanks to you, and I love my new phone, the mrs loves her "new" 3GS and the 13 year old son loves his "new" 3G iPhone.

  • Misha


Sure - my comment isn't as EPIC, but:I wasted $90 on iTunes cards, and got $120 value. I only buy iTunes cards at 25% of (2nd half price). Thanks Myer, then DSE, then Cardlimbo (although I'm still waiting for shipment). But most of all, THANKS iTUNES ON SALE!

  • Indra Arifin


I've got a $20 gift card from Sportcraft for my birthday and I used it alongside a further 50% off sale items. The scarf became $19.95 so I got it for free. I am now saving up for an iPhone 4 but I guess they dont have this on discount! :D

  • Stephen Scott


RE John & the 50% off last year - I did that too! They had an upper limit per credit card transaction, so I had to do it in batches.It was so funny working with the cashier on getting them all printed out, it almost became a ticker tape parade.Sadly I think I'm a bit of an iTunes addict, and most of my bootie was gone within a month!

  • Rowan


Thank you all for the awesome comments. They don't need to be only on the post though :)

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