So who bought an iPhone 4?

I went into the Apple Store at Chermside this morning to see a line up of about 150-200 people! Surely they don’t have that many phones in stock. That’s a lot of disappointed people. My initial impressions were that the screen is amazing, it was nice and quick and the camera took good quality photos. I also like the way the new metal body feels in your hand. Still not enough to make me get one though!

So who got one? Are you happy with it so far? And who camped out for one? Was it worth the wait?

Hit us up in the comments and you could win a $20 iTunes gift card.

[Title pic courtesy of The Courier Mail]


  • Dawood


Love the phone. It has that antenna issue but not bad enough to drop calls.Ordered the free bumper yesterday but guess what they have more than 5 weeks wait on it. I am expected to get it on 9th Sep huh

  • Stephen Scott


Rowan - I don't think your name has to be Stephen to own an iPhone, but it helps.BTW, the phone I ordered on Friday morning just got delivered... it's beautiful! Can't wait to get it home & synched.And kudos to Vodafone for the fast turn-around. Andrew (the phone sales guy I ordered it from) said it would take 5-10 working days to be delivered. That was actually less than 1 working day.

  • Natalie


Waited at the Port Melbourne Telstra store for 5 hours before getting in to the store to get the phone. Then while getting processed the power went out. Myself and a friend were left sitting in the store til 4 with the Telstra guys waiting for the power to come back on...So impressed with the screen though, its better than I thought it would be!!

  • Paul


I pre-ordered a 16gb at my local T-Life in Hobart on Tuesday. They were the only store in the state going to open at midnight but the guy assured me I needn't bother.As he was finishing up my order, the manager stepped in and advised him 'no more pre-orders'. Three people before also ordered them. They wanted to make sure they had stock for midnight. They had 70 total.So I rocked up at 9am yesterday, coffee in hand. Only customer in the shop! They'd sold out by 4;30am.Thankfully, one was put aside for me, so 20 minutes later I was done and out the door!I love my new shiny!Oh, and cheers for the iTunes sales notifications - I only buy credit when it's on sale!

  • YM


I lined up at the Chermside store from 6.30 a.m. Got my phone at 9.50 a.m. outright. The queue hostess was telling me they got loads of stock for this morning so I'm not surprised the entire line got theirs.Wanted to buy bumpers but alas... they didn't have them and didn't know when they'd get them.

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