Myer has 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 starting 3rd August

Just as Target and Kmart wind down their latest iTunes gift card campaigns, Myer is set to run a three week promotion starting tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd August.

Between Tuesday 3rd of August and Monday 23rd August, you can get 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30 (in one transaction) as part of the MyElectric catalogue sale. That’s a saving of 25% and is in line with what we are seeing from other retailers in the past month.

If you didn’t get a chance to stock last week, this is your chance!

You can find this special on page 24 of MyElectric catalogue.

Thanks to Shane who sent this in.

[Source: Myer]


  • Wilfred


Did you check whether they generated itunes codes on receipts? That happened before with me at Kmart but Kmart had a booklet with barcodes for the itunes codes which were printed on receipts.

  • Blahblah


Typical. Went to myer and conveniently, all they had was $30 cards. Such a scam

  • Wilfred


I don't know how I'd live life without now! I don't how much, but I've definitely saved a lot of money in buying iTunes cards as I am frequent buyer of music. I let my Mum know about all the specials each week, my sister knows that I know about all the iTunes specials so I get messages asking 'what are the specials this week'. The funny thing is that we may think we save the trip on buying a CD when it is released but don't you need make a trip when buying the iTunes card itself? Unless the iTunes card is an iTunes receipt, when if you go to shops like Kmart, you get the petrol voucher also. The little things in life have more detail than you think!

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