Review your latest iTunes purchase here and win!

To spice things up a bit, I thought of a good way I could give away a couple of prizes. Simply write a short review of your latest iTunes purchase in the comments below and you could win one of either a $20 iTunes gift card or a double movie pass!


1 x $20 iTunes gift card
1 x Double movie pass  (can be used at Hoyts, AMC and selected Palace Cinemas)


  • Keep it short, less than 100 words
  • One entry per person
  • Can be anything purchased in the iTunes store (e.g. Music, Movies, Apps, TV Shows, etc)
  • Use a real email address so I can contact you
  • Entries close Sunday 29/8 at 8pm

I’ll go first…but obviously I can’t win 😉


  • Ejay


My latest purchase in the app store is Plants Vs. Zombies if you're craving for a nice graphics game and a good gameplay too this is a must have this is my daily app that I play everyday it's like a tower defense situation wherein you'll protect you're house from the brain-eating zombie to protect yourself you will need this plants too annihilate them insane graphics no lags no bugs worth every cent!! It's such an addictive game!!!

  • Anthony


My favourite iPad application is Reeder for iPad. This is probably the slickest RSS reader available - there is a separate iPhone Reeder app which functions slightly differently but is equally well designed.Reeder syncs with GoogleReader, downloading (and caching if requested) all the latest articles from your RSS subscriptions, presenting them in a stylish application that makes intuitive use of swipe gestures. It also links seamlessly with services like Instapaper, ReadItLater and more.I use this app every day, and have not found an app to compare in terms of usability and stability. The developers also update regularly.

  • Stephen


Where to start? It's been a great couple of weeks. Let's just do one of each...Album: Miike Snow "Miike Snow (Deluxe Edition)" - great catchy synth-pop, with highlights being Animal, Silvia, The Rabbit & Billie Holiday (and the hilariously titled "A Horse Is Not A Home". It's like Mike Oldfield and the Pet Shop Boys were chucked into a blender with the cream of 80's synth pop, and this album emerged. It's a keeper!Single: Macy Gray "Kissed It (with Velvet Revolver)" - not a single (yet), but it should be. Stomping 70's rock with Macy's rasping, sexy voice creates a time-warp romp of fun. Buy it.App: IncrediBooth - just like the old Photo Booths at the seaside, this is a great gimmicky photo app that uses the iPhone4's front facing camera. Great for partys or just general stupidity. You can save the entire roll of 4 shots or just an individual to your photo gallery, or share on Facebook (but it didn't work for me when I tried it - could have just been bad 3G connection). Stupid fun :)

  • Sarah


My most recent purchase was The Sims 3. It's a great app for all Sims fans and even people who have hardly played The Sims in their life. It has good 3D graphics and it has never crashed on me. It's a great app for your Sims collection. It's a must-have if you're willing to spend $9 for it. But I think they should lower the price. Otherwise good game.

  • Justin


My recently bought app was Human Japanese. Its a great app for those who want to learn japanese (in other words Me ) Its helped me alot with my knowledge and pronounciation of japanese, and with the choice to listen on how to pronounce the word makes it surely one of the best japanese teach apps I've used.

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