Some confusion over EB Games iTunes offer

UPDATE: This deal is officially over. Please read here for more details.

Last week I posted about EB Games and their first iTunes discount promotion. There seems to be a lot of conflicting comments about whether this special has expired, or what.

To confirm the special originally, EB Games told me on Twitter the deal lasted until Christmas (which to me means Christmas Eve). However, a lot of comments are coming in that stores are saying it’s expired.

Another reader sent us the Mad Monday link for the special, so it should at least be available today online!

I have just now asked EB Games to clarify what is going on:

@EBGamesAus can you please clarify your itunes deal? You can see on this post a lot of stores are saying it’s over

Will keep you posted in this thread!


  • Timbo


Just swung by 2 eb's and both of them said it was over. Thanks for the advice too Trinette. Pretty poor effort by eb for their first offer.

  • ben


Further to my comment above - if you did order online, turns out you may be in for a wait. They've run out.I ordered on Monday with Express Post. Wondering why it didn't arrive today, went online to check, showed my order was still "processing". So I called up and was told that they'd run out. And don't know when they'll have more in.Which would be fine if they'd bothered to let me (and presumably all the other customers who bought these) know. I'm leaving for a trip to Europe tomorrow and wanted the cards to buy a gps app for Europe.Just back from Harvey Norman instead (lucky enough that I can get to one and back in 40 minutes, although that's still 40 minutes I could have used better). About to send a irate mail to eb.

  • Trinette


Hi folks. I just phoned my local store who didn't know anything about it continuing as their system was telling them it was over. But I phoned their Support Hotline at HQ and Chris who I spoke to there confirmed it was still running. So if you have issues with your local store get them to phone Customer Support Hotline to verify on 133 930 - Mon-Fri between 8am-6pm.

  • Kym


Be nice if EB Games could get their act together - way to pi** off their customers!

  • Jacqui


I went to two different stores today one in sydney one in gosdford and both told me the special was over and they were sold out of $20 itunes cards as well, but they did still have the $30 and $50 for standard prices

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