Double up and save 25% on iTunes cards at EB Games ONLINE while stocks last!

UPDATE: All stock is now gone.

So take two on the EB Games’ attempt at offering a iTunes discount. This offer only seems to be available on their website and does not have an expiry date.

You can get:

  • 2 x $20 itunes cards for $30 (plus $4.95 postage) SOLD OUT
  • 2 x $30 itunes cards for $45 (plus $4.95 postage) SOLD OUT
  • 2 x$50 itunes cards for $75 (plus $4.95 postage) SOLD OUT

And you can order them from here. Keep in mind that postage is $4.95!

I took the liberty of including ‘while stocks last’ on this post because of what happened last time. Let’s hope there aren’t too many customers this time around!

Let us know in the comments if EB has redeemed themselves.

Thanks to Tamara who sent this one in!

[Source: EB Games]

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  • Ronny Putnins


All cards are sold out now.

  • Shawn


Agree with Mark. 2x $20 for a total of 34.95... not worth the bother.

  • Mark


2x$30 and 2x$50 sold out. Can only get 2x$20 for $30 plus $4.95 postage and only 1 item per cart. Works out to a 12% saving.

  • Gavin


Yeah, 2X$50 sold out. Although I could order 2X$20 and 2X$30 so got $100 worth anyway for $79.95 delivered. 20% isn't too bad.

  • Kelly


Not sure I really want to spend $4.95 on postage.

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