Save money on software from the Mac App Store with iTunes on Sale!

For those who don’t know, Apple just unveiled the Mac App Store, the one-stop shop for Mac software. The good news is that you use your Apple ID to make purchases, meaning credit from iTunes carries across the two. This means that if you keep an eye on the iTunes gift card specials listed here, you can save big money on software for your Mac!

You can read more about the new App Store at Gizmodo or Download Squad. There are a few downsides to it, and Lifehacker has a post about Why the Mac App Store Sucks.

So what, if any, software are you going to get??

 Thanks to Peter who alerted me to this.

[Source: Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Download Squad]


  • Chris


oops, forgot to add that one of the points raised in that Lifehacker post is not really a problem. If you want to download the trial version of software just do that outside of the app store as you normally would, then fi you decide to purchase it do so in the app store (using your discounted iTunes credit of course!) and it should work fine, it worked for me with Aperture (it did still download the whole app again within app store but it replaced the trial version flawlessly).

  • Chris


Awesome idea, thanks for posting it. I saved 35% on the already good price on Aperture due to 25% off sale at JB's combined with their 10% off gift cards which they had ages my balance is looking a bit sad so someone needs to have another 25% off sale, now!

  • nightwol


awesome I knew I had delayed for a reason YAYnow bring on the big itune card specials :O)

  • Stephen


Brilliant! I heard this was coming, but the iTunes credit never occurred to me.Woo hoo!

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