2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Myer until 27/3

It seems as though we aren’t buying as many discounted iTunes cards as we should! First Big W extends their offer, then JB Hifi….potentially twice, and now Myer is doing a repeat of their most recent deal.

Starting today until the 27th of March, you can get 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30, a saving of 25% off the face value.

With all the deals on at the moment, now is a good time to stock up on credit! I think it may be a little quiet after Easter while we wait for EOFYS.

[Source: Myer]

Other known iTunes gift card deals:

[25%] JB Hifi – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 18/3
[25%] Big W – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 23/3
[20%] Telechoice – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 31/3 or WSL
[12.5%] Target – Get 25% off your 2nd iTunes gift card – ends 23/3