Easter/ANZAC Day trading hours mix-up

I wasn’t even going to post this up, but thought I should clarify a bit of a mix up with regards to information on the Easter and ANZAC Day trading hours.

I received quite an angry email today from someone who was irate with me for incorrectly stating that ANZAC Day was on Sunday.

The post/information they were referring to was in this post (since edited to avoid any confusion) from April 24th, 2010. I wrote the post for that year, not thinking ahead and that people may search for it in the future. It didn’t have any mention of 2010, except for when the article was first posted. I have since amended this and included MANY references to 2010.

I checked my Google Analytics this evening and was surprised to see that 601 people visited that page today even though it was from last year! Obviously people are looking for information regarding shopping centre trading hours, and it was my oversight that I didn’t relist this for 2011.

I will endeavour to provide this information in the future, as people obviously find it valuable. Hopefully this will ensure that people don’t take offence to information taken out of context.

Please have a safe and happy Easter/ANZAC Day break!


  • confec


Thanks for the info. appreciate your work

  • Confectionery


I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

  • Rowan


Thank you all for the kind words. I haven't let the negativity get to me. After running forums and other sites, I have now learned to ignore hiccups such as this. And no, I haven't had a reply from the person who emailed me!Regarding the site, it's onwards and upwards! I have a new team member starting in the first week of May who will help me to grow the site and hopefully improve on some of the little things that need work.Thank you again everyone for your ongoing support and continuing to spread the word!

  • JestaCat


Wow, people can be nasty with little or no reason.Please don't let their negativity (and lack of personal planning resources) stop you from doing the great job that you do! Your site has saved me heaps with iTunes cards any it is truly appreciated.In your defense, I never saw anywhere on your site any indication that you intended to provide trading hours for any retailer, now or in future. Anyone looking for that info here needs to smarten up and look at the retailers individual websites (or even www.westfield.com.au & etc for the bigger centre trading hours).Keep doing what you do - you do it so well.

  • Shane


Completely agree with Norton. Maybe next year, the cretin who sent you that email can Google the info they're after instead of sending out negative emails and wasting people's time.

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