Get 35% off a $20 iTunes card at eSOLD 10am tomorrow only LIMITED STOCK! has had a couple of these specials, which I haven’t listed in the past because they sell out so quickly.

But I got a bit more of a heads up from Bec and David on the email tonight, so I thought I’d let everyone know.

Got a great offer starting at 10am tomorrow (Monday – when our deal counter reaches zero)… $20 iTunes cards with FREE digital delivery for only $12.99!

Limited stocks so just 1 per customer, will sell out like our previous 2 times we’ve offered, and only got 500 of these this time around.

And for the true apple fans – we’ve still got some iPhone 4 docks left at $18.95, yes I know you can probably hunt around on the net for an hour and find some overseas seller offering a few dollars cheaper, in my experience if you want to risk it and wait 6 weeks+ for delivery then do that, otherwise we’ve got it in stock locally ready to ship, and the price extremely competitive.

You can get the deal by clicking here at about 10am tomorrow. Be warned though, they will go quickly!

Please let us know your experiences with this retailer in our comments below.

[Source: OzBargain]

Other known iTunes gift card deals:

[25%] EB Games – Double up and save 25% (Maybe) – WSL
[25%] Australia Post – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 30/4
[25%] Big W ONLINE – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 27/4
[20%] Telechoice – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 30/4
[20%] 7-11 – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 2/5


  • Chas


Did finally get my card, so thanks to eSOLD for a great deal. Will be checking them out on a regular basis

  • Ramon - eSOLD


Hi Rowan, great site thanks for your posting and support. We'll be back at some point in the future with this deal again, next time though with MUCH bigger servers and a faster fulfilment system to ensure we can serve everyone, and as quickly as possible!

  • eSOLD Support


We had such a massive amount of traffic at 10am yesterday, that our servers unfortunately crashed. Over 3000 People trying to buy at the same time, was too much for our server to handle.The site was back up within an hour and the sale went ahead.Apologies to all who missed out and congratulations to all who got one. Best Regards, eSOLD Support

  • Chas


Well I finally managed to get an order through, but the site timed out while I was awaiting final approval of my credit card payment.Site history says I ordered and paid for a card, but yet to receive any details from eSold. Have received another email advising of "Hot New Deals" but nothing relating to the iTunes card. Have fired off a query to them.

  • Rowan


Yeah, there has been other comments about that as well on Twitter. I was hesitant to put the deal up...but thought I'd give them a go

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