UPDATE: 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Big W ONLINE

UPDATE: Big W seem to have more $20 cards in stock now.

Until 27th April, you can get 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30 through Big W’s online store. Thankfully, the offer includes free shipping which means you get the full 25% off.

Click here to visit the ordering page.

Thanks to Shane who sent this one in.

[Source: Big W]

Other known iTunes gift card deals:

[25%] Harvey Norman – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 17/4
[25%] Australia Post – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 30/4
[20%] Telechoice – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 30/4
[20%] 7-11 – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 2/5


  • Kris


I had no problem ordering the discounted iTunes cards just now -purchased $200 worth for $150 (wanted some for gifts and some myself, so perfect timing!). There is a maximum 10 cards per customer.For those that had trouble, maybe try again? It was probably just a glitch in the system which has since been fixed.

  • JestaCat


WOW! I checked this morning and it said "Sold Out" but I just checked again and it allowed me to purchase 2x$20=$30! Deal done. And used my paypal credit so it really only cost me about $7! YaYaYa!! Thanks

  • Darryl


You can still get the $30 birthday gift iTunes cards for $22.48 at Big W online with free delivery. Just do an iTunes search in the online store.

  • Duncan


It seems that the Big W sale has ended a bit early. As of the 19th there web site says "Currently unavailable online" although it states the sale still ends on the 27th.

  • Big W Brings Back Online $30 For Two $20 iTunes Cards Deal at AU.HADNEWS.COM


[...] Back when we last highlighted Big W’s offer of a pair of $20 iTunes cards for $30, we noted that it ended in late March. It hasn’t taken long to return, with a similar offer (complete with free delivery) now running until April 27. [Big W via iTunes On Sale] [...]

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