Get 2x $30 iTunes cards for $40 at Harvey Norman [Save 33%]

There is still a few days left of the Good Guys 33% off iTunes cards deal, but we now have a new 33% off deal from Harvey Norman.

Until the 29th May, you can buy 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $40. This will save you 33% off the face value.

Thanks to Nhut for sending this in.

[Source: Lasoo]

Other known current iTunes gift card promotions:

[33%] The Good Guys – Buy 2 iTunes cards get 3rd FREE – ends 16/5
[20%] Australia Post – Get a $50 iTunes card for $40 – ends 29/5



  • Ominbane


Strange, my sister just bought this from them yesterday in Perth, City West.

  • Nick


Just went to Harvey Norman Brisbane. Got 10 of them! 33% OFF!!

  • Craig


Just purchased 4 $30 App Store cards (only ones left but same iTMS credit) at HN QV for $80. Still some left

  • Chris


An update to my last post - I rang to make a complaint about HN QV that they were only selling the 'pink' $30 cards. Apparently, the store employees were told the wrong info and that the sale is for ANY $30 itunes card.Needless to say, in the end I was able to purchase them from the HN QV Store as per advertised in the catalog.

  • Chris


I got the same response as Fred at HN QV. They had plenty of other $30 cards but not the 'pink' ones.

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