‘iTunes on sale’ becomes ‘Gift cards on sale’ due to a trademark claim by Apple

As published on the Sydney Morning Herald website today:

By Asher Moses

Apple’s notoriously zealous lawyers have targeted an Australian man over his iTunes gift card blog despite it driving revenue to the company.

Brisbane recruitment consultant Rowan Coe’s site, iTunesonsale.com.au, tells people where they can buy discounted iTunes gift cards, allowing them to buy music, apps and other content from iTunes at significant discounts.

But just as the site is becoming popular, Apple is seeking to shut it down and has little time for Coe’s reasoning that he is simply driving revenue and customers to Apple.

It is far from the first time Apple has called in the lawyers to target Australian companies.

Read the rest at the Sydney Morning Herald.



  • IU's Peach


Happy 1st anniversary! Keep up the awesome work! Now I'm off to Harvey Norman tomoro morning to pick up some cards

  • SomeRandom


There are some people saying iTunes doesnt make any money cause people are buying their vouchers cheap. However I disagree, I know that I, and probably many other people, will only buy a voucher if it's on sale so the fact that we are able to find these vouchers more easily means that we buy more of them.

  • Simon


You don't own iTunes so it's only fair you can't use that in the name of your ad-supported business, which indirectly suggests it's an Apple owned business or partnership. Seriously, why are people thinking you're some some of victim? If you don't like the law then campaign to have it changed! Apple is simply protecting their own trademark and brand, as any company would do. Apple takes their brand very seriously, and with good reason because it's helped them get to where they are today. You wouldn't like it if someone tried to use your business name in theirs.Who cares what the site is called anyway? If it's a good service (which it is) people will still come! And if Apple had a problem with retailers discounting iTunes credit, then they would tell them not to, just like they do with hardware (though I still don't know how some can get around it).If, however, the retailers are loss-leading (that is taking a loss on the iTunes credit to get people into their stores) that is technically illegal (in breach of the Trade Practises Act) but lets keep quiet about that because I'd prefer to keep getting the discounts! :)

  • WTkFox


Moves like a duck, bill of a duck... don't worry, it is just a platypus XD

  • JaCe


Thanks for keeping the site going Rowan. As others have mentioned above, Apple was well within their rights to come after the site since it was essentially named after them and could easily be mistaken by someone as being officially related in some form or another to Apple's iTunes.Not sure why my account didn't seem to transfer over to the new Wordpress but either way, I'm always on the lookout for sales to share :)Keep up the good work.

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