UPDATED: Get 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Target [Save 25%]

UPDATE: It appears that Target will be repeating this deal again from the 21st July to the 3rd of August!

A big thanks to Jason, Valdemar and Jason for this updated tip.

[Source: Target]


Just as our last known deal was ending, Target have announced that starting tomorrow (30th June) they will be offering 2x $20 iTunes gift cards for only $30, a popular deal which saves 25%

This deal runs until the 7th July.

Thanks to WardenBrown for this tip.


As a side note, if you are a Mac user and are planning to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, this is a perfect opportunity to top up your iTunes/AppStore credit and save on the cost of the OS, which will be available exclusively in the Mac App Store sometime in July.

[Source: Target]

Other known gift card deals:

[12.5%] Target – Buy 2x iTunes cards, get 25% off the second card – ends 29/6
[25%] Myer – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 30/6


  • Rob


On today @ Target Southland. Advertised in-store.

  • Julian


Thanks Tim - info on internet not always reliable - we appreciate you running the site and helping us all out financially. Whilst I successfully setup an iTunes account in the US Store, the mucking around with getting US Gift Cards, at not necessarily best exchange rates etc weighted my decision to get an Aus Store account. I've bought a couple of cheap apps on credit card, but as soon as I next spot the 25% deal (which looks to be Target 21 July) that's a better outcome. iTunes App Store seems to be down for buying at the moment.

  • Tim


Apologies that the original deal actually ended a day earlier. I posted this based on the information I was given and what was found on the internet. In any event, Target is repeating this deal (as Philander said) and I have updated the post to reflect this.Cheers, Tim

  • Debra


Careful, there was no advertising matter at all at the Port Macquarie store and the staff did not know about the special.

  • Philander


They are running this again July 21 to August 2.

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