UPDATED:Get 3 iTunes cards for the price of 2 from BigW Online [save 33%]

UPDATE: And they’re all gone! We’ll let you know if we see more stock.

Well here’s a deal that’s not to be sneezed at! Starting today you can get 3 iTunes cards for the price of 2 through Big W’s online store.

That’ll save you 33% off the face value, which is awesome! Stock up while you can, as we don’t often see deals as good as this.

The deal is available only while stocks last, and are available for all denominations.

Click here to buy!

Thanks to Januar, Kevin, Ken and Steven who all sent this in.

[Source: Big W, also on OzBargain]

Other known gift card deals:

[20%] Woolworths – 2 x $30 gift cards (various retailers) for $50 – ends  7/6
[25%] Myer – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 30/6



  • Donald


Thanks for this "Heads up". I have been struggling to digitise my vinyl collection. ITunes downloads for these albums saves me heaps of time. I ordered the $100 cards as soon as I saw your announcement. ( I hated having to validate all those $20 cards) 1 1/3rd off was a great deal. Woolies came through with the discounts in the totals before paying and the cards arrived in 2 days. They validated and redeemed ok. That was a good one. I have learned not to hesitate when these deals come up. They don't last long. Thanks again.

  • Alice


It's back on stock. But when I checkout it's asking for the full price.

  • Graham


Thanks to all for the advice. I've just emailed Apple support, hoping they can activate them for me (as has been suggested above). Very poor form from BigW!

  • Bowie


I also bought 3x$30 cards and none of them work. I contacted iTunes and am waiting for a reply. Nice work BigW.

  • Homunculus


This happened to me as well. Big W frequently fail to activate the cards before sending them. You're better off emailing Apple's iTunes support about it-- they'll activate the cards for you within 24 hours.

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