Queen’s Birthday 2011 Public Holiday Trading Hour Information

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, I cannot guarantee it is 100% correct. Always check with your local retailer as well, and please don’t call me a “cretin” if you read it wrong or I make a mistake. (Yes, someone did!)

Due to some differences between states, I thought I’d summarise what the biggies (i.e. Big W, Target, Coles, etc) will be doing over this upcoming long weekend to make your iTunes bargain hunting more effective! Especially if you’re heading out to Myer, Kmart and Target!

NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, Northern Territory and Queensland

As a general rule, shopping centres and major retailers should trade on the Monday Public Holiday the same hours they normally would on a Sunday. Generally for major retailers this is 9am – 6pm or 10am – 5pm. Speciality retailers may or may not open (i.e. it’s optional), so check with your local shopping centre for details.

South Australia

Major retailers/shopping centres are not permitted to trade on Monday 13th June, 2011.

Western Australia

This coming Monday 13th June is not a Public Holiday in Western Australia. Trading as per usual.

[Various sources, including Westfield, SCCA and Coles]