Buy a $50 iTunes card for $40 at Myer [Save 20%]

As the previous deal ends, another begins!

Starting tomorrow, 23rd August, Myer will be offering $50 iTunes cards for only $40. That’s a discount of 20% and makes it a perfect time to get some credit to use on Movies, Music, Apps or TV shows. This deal will run until the 4th September.

Thanks to Bruce for letting us know!

[Source: Myer]


  • Bruce


Fathers Day Sale definitely includes this deal. Have already used it. But I agree with Kevin - always double check the catalogue (hard or soft copy) so you can 'educate' the sales staff if they are unaware of the deal. Saves a lot of frustration if you end up with a sales person who just says 'no' because they don't know any better.

  • Kevin


The sale is advertised in their current catalogue. If you do not have one you can view it on the Myer web site (the link is actually in the main post here also)

  • Robert


Just went Myer at Bondi Junction and they told me that there is no iTune card sale on. :(

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