20% off iTunes cards at Caltex service stations

Still looking to confirm this one from Caltex themselves, but we have a tip that until the 13th of October you can get 20% off iTunes cards at Caltex service stations.

Please let us know in the comments if you see this deal at your local servo.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

Current known gift card deals:

[25%] K-Mart – Get 2x $20 iTunes Cards for $30 – ends 14/9
[12.5%] Target – Get 25% off your 2nd iTunes card – ends 14/9


  • Josh


As always Officeworks will beat ANY/EVERY iTunes discount as per their price matching policy. No need to ever shop elsewhere. I just bought two $30 cards and mentioned Caltex had 25% off. She didn't check even though I offered to provide proof, otherwise we would have both realised I was wrong and it was 20%. She charged me $42.74 which is about 29% off.

  • Brenton


I'm in SA. Went to Caltex/Woolworths near me, they aren't offering the discount and had no knowledge of it. Went to Caltex Star Mart and they do offer it.

  • Ffred


Thank you guys. I Bought 1 this morning from caltex 06/10/201, still 20% off but instead of getting the normal itunes card i got the "epay" voucher similar to the one we recharge our phone credit. This discount can only be bought from caltex which does not associate with woolworths :) if you see caltex/woolworths do not bother

  • Karen


Just purchased two $50 iTunes Cards at the Caltex/Woolworths at Lakeside Shopping Centre Joondalup. Put them through separately but both received the discount. There's a sign up stating they are on sale for 20% off until 11th October.

  • db


Yep - 20% off at my local Caltex Star Shop - Princes Hwy Tempe. The guys was happy to put through 4 separate transactions for them.

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