Congratulations to all our winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our three different competitions! We’ve gone through the entries and we have picked the winners!


We received a lot of screenshots on the wall…so thanks for sharing our content. Congratulations to Kizza I-izza and Piers Kwan who were both randomly chosen and will each receive a $20 iTunes gift card! I will be in contact soon.


Our Twitter winners (the 50th and 100th retweeters) have already claimed their prizes, but congrats again to @hootylishous and @hayleysm80, who both got a $20 iTunes card.

Website comments

We nearly got to 100 comments on the post, which is an awesome effort! We went through them and randomly chose Jason Painter and Andrew Tang. I have sent you emails on how to claim your prize.


Again, thank you everyone for entering and helping to spread the word of Gift Cards on Sale! We do intend to do competitions like this more regularly around November/December.

– Rowan & Tim