Win an iTunes gift card on Twitter, Facebook and here!

Please note: This promotion was for 2011 and all winners have already been announced. We will do another one soon!

It’s been a while since we’ve given anything away on the site, so we thought it was time we would do it again! I’ve gone out and got some iTunes cards and below are all the details on how you can win one!

You can enter any or all of the competitions, but you can only win once. We want to make sure as many people as possible get a prize!


Win on the website!

The first and easiest way to win is to make a comment on this post. You must use a real email address when posting, so we can contact you (don’t worry this won’t appear on your post). Then at 12 noon on Wednesday 21st September we will pick two random comments, who will each win a $20 iTunes gift card.

RULES: You can comment once per day, and enter as many time as you like. Only one prize per person.


Win on Twitter! (Both prizes given away!)

Simply be a follower of @giftcardsonsale and tweet/retweet:

Follow @giftcardsonsale to find where to get discounted gift cards, including iTunes cards. RT to WIN! Details:

The 50th (congratulations to @hootylishous who was our 50th retweeter!) and 100th (congratulations to @hayleysm80 who was our 100th retweeter!) followers who retweet the above will each get a $20 iTunes gift card.

RULES: You can tweet/retweet once per day, and enter as many times as you like until claimed. Only one prize per person. If we don’t reach 50 or 100 by 12 noon Wednesday 21st of September, the cards will be given away randomly to those who have entered. (only verified followers count)


Win on Facebook!

Make sure you ‘like’ the Gift Cards on Sale Facebook page. There you will find a post with a link to share on your own wall. Simply ‘like’ the post, share it on your wall and take a screenshot. Post the screenshot on the Facebook page and on Wednesday 21st of September at 12 noon, we will randomly choose two people who will each receive a $20 iTunes gift card.

RULES: You can enter once per day, as many time as you like. Only one prize per person.


Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all the latest gift card and iTunes deals by:

And if you see a special, we don’t have…make sure you report it and help your fellow iTunes bargain hunters!

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