Get a $50 US iTunes card for USD$40 online with Best Buy [save 20%]

UPDATE: Updated link to digital download to avoid postage.

If you’re one of those iTunes users that also has a US iTunes account, we’ve got another discount this week from Best Buy.

You can currently get a USD$50 iTunes card delivered digitally for USD$40. Saving you 20% off the face value. But if you usually buy them from a reseller, you’ll save even more than that!

Don’t forget that you will have to pay sales tax, unless of course the address that you’ll be using resides in a state that doesn’t have sales tax (e.g. Oregon or Alaska).

I couldn’t find a date this promotion finishes, but I’m pretty sure it’s part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions they have. So you’ll want to act fast, as it could end Tuesday Australian time.

If you need help setting up a US iTunes account, Lifehacker has a great article from a few years back. I think the process still works?

Get the deal here, direct from Best Buy.

Thanks to Rick who gave us the heads up for this one. Rick managed to also use his Australian credit card to make the purchase.

[Source: Best Buy]

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  • Jon


Hi there - am stuck not the phone field in the billing screen - keeps saying 'Please enter a valid phone number in this format: 555-555-5555' no matter how I format Australian or US numbers... Any ideas?

  • Rick


I did use the name on my card but I doubt that helped. As far as I know, the card name field is not checked during authorisations on Australian cards.

  • Matthew


@Rick, thanks, did you use the name on your card with the Florida address? I didn't for my attempt at Illinois so that could have been the problem. I wasn't sure how long the deal would last so I just went with the suggested Texas address, still beats $112+ elsewhere for $100 credit.

  • Rick


I got some tax free using an address of a random hotel in Florida, and my CBA amex credit card. I did use their suggested texas address itially and when at check-out i saw the tax I went back and edited the delivery address to FL, that successfully removed the tax. Email with code delivered 15 minutes later.

  • Rowan


Apologies, I've updated the links to that one.

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