2011 – A year in review

To say that 2011 was an interesting year for us would be an understatement! We’ve got some great publicity that has really boosted the profile of the site.

In early May, I expanded the team and brought in Tim to help run the site when I was away travelling. He has been instrumental in ensuring that deals continue to get posted when I can’t get to the site.

In late May, Apple got a little upset that I used the name ‘iTunes’ and the logo in the old site name (iTunes on sale), and I had no option but to rebrand the site to what you see today. At the time I was pretty annoyed about it all, but the situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We now have a broader scope and list all gift card deals, not just iTunes ones. The publicity we got for this, although sometimes controversial, really raised the profile of the site.

In September, we got a mention in Money Magazine.

And then in December, I was approached by A Current Affair to do a short interview about Gift Cards at Christmas.

All in all, this publicity has increased visits to the site dramatically!

  • Total visits – up +245% compared to 2010
  • Pageviews – up +258% compared to 2010
  • Unique visitors – up +283% – compared to 2010

The increase in visitation has also increased revenue from the ads on the site. This will now allow us to move the site to a better quality, high availability server in early 2012 and continue to run more gift card giveaways. This revenue will also ensure that this site continues well into the future at no cost or catch to our readers.

Top 3 deals for 2011 (based on pageviews)

The most talked about deals (based on number of comments)

Social Network Counters

  • Facebook – 883 people follow the page
  • Twitter – 1,723 people following
  • Google Plus – 10 people following (it’s only been online a month)
  • RSS – 1,188 subscribed to the feed
  • Email newsletter – 461 subscribers
  • Google Calendar – Unfortunately, I can’t find out how many subscribers we have for this

Thank you to all of you for your support this year. It’s your positive comments that allow us to see past the few strange complaints we receive from time to time!


Rowan & Tim


  • Lessa


Thanks Rowan & Tim, for the time & effort you spend saving us money. Thank you also to all of the contributors who help to keep us informed - the eyes & ears of a site like this.

  • Karen


Happy New Year!!It is great to hear of your successes. I am a regular visitor and often direct people to your site.Thank you and best wishes for 2012!!

  • Andrew P


Guys, thank you muchly for your work on this site, it has saved me lots of $$$, and I'm sure it has for others as well. Keep up the excellent work, and a very Happy New Year to you!

  • Chris


I use this site 100 percent for iTunes cards! If you guys decide to expand, please keep simple mobile pages deducted to iTunes cards as well please. Rock on.

  • Rowan


Agreed. We'd love to feature other offers too...but no one does a gift card discount like iTunes! I'm looking at setting up a separate RSS feed for non iTunes deals.

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