Get 2 x $30 Playstation Network cards for $50 at Dick Smith [save 16.6%]

Well here’s one I’ve been searching for since I started this site! Dick Smith (on their website) are offering 2 x $30 Playstation Network gift cards for $50, saving you 16.666% off the face value….until you select shipping.

On further investigation it’s not as good of a saving as you think. It’s coming up with a delivery charge of $9.95 for me which pretty much negates the saving. I’ve contacted them to find out if it is available in store or whether it should have free shipping. Seems a bit dodgy to offer a discount and then eat it up with the shipping charges!

The deal is on until the 19th of December.

Whilst it’s not a massive discount, it’s the first time it’s been done – fingers crossed they keep doing it! The inevitable extra Modern Warfare 3 maps just got a whole lot cheaper!

Thanks to Wesley who sent this in.

[Source: Dick Smith]

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  • paul b


I tried to get the special at the Gosford dse, sadly no offer. Lucky the assistant told me before I was planning to get a few.

  • Rowan


When I contacted support via email, they emailed me back and said they would offer me free shipping. So perhaps ask for that? But is quite disappointing.

  • Jeremy


Ok so I have rang head office of online sales and can confirm that it is an online deal only. There reasoning behind this is if someone orders the deal that doesnt have any stores nearby normally its $70 inc delivery hence now the 5 cent saving poor effort DSE

  • Jeremy


Where did you get this I have rang the 3 local stores in my area and they say that they can't do it and its an online deal only

  • Wesley


I first saw this deal in a catalogue delivered about a week ago. The deal is available instore I can confirm that's where I got mine from. No need for delivery.

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