Get 2 x $50 iTunes cards for $75 at Dick Smith online [save 25%]

Dick Smith’s online store is shaking it up a bit this Christmas, offering 2 x $50 iTunes cards for $75. This is a saving of 25% off the face value.

There’s no word of an expiry date on this offer, but I’d say it’ll only be while stocks last.

Thanks to Alvin and Martin who sent this one in.

[Source: Dick Smith]

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  • Rowan


Hi Steve, this was an online only deal. Check the post title :) It's finished now anyway

  • Steve


At Waurn Ponds (Geelong suburb):Dick Smith has no knowledge of this promotion.

  • Chris


Ignore ozwedge Rowan, I don't think you have to remove anything, you guys supply an awesome website for free! Keep it up and merry Christmas!

  • Tricia


This deal was still being advertised on the Dick Smith website today but it would not give me the discount at the checkout. I sent an email to Dick Smith and have received a reply to say the deal is no longer available. They need to update website more regularly.

  • Rowan


As mentioned in the post, there was no word of a end date for this deal. Apologies for not removing it earlier. There are plenty of other deals to get 25% off at the moment.

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