Get 40% more value on Bigpond gift cards for Christmas

Here’s something different from the usual iTunes…especially if you are a heavy Bigpond user.

Until the 25th of December (or while stocks last), you will get an extra 40% credit on Bigpond Movies, Music, Games or Tones & Pics gift cards.

This offer is only available on physical cards (i.e. not electronic vouchers), which you can purchase at Telstra, Wow, Leading Edge Telecoms, Fone Zone, JB Hifi and Retravision.

[Source: Bigpond Prepaid Cards]

Other known gift card deals:

[25%] Coles Express – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 11/1
[20%] 7-11 – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 12/12
[16.6%] Australia Post – 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 4/12
[16.6%] Kmart – 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 4/12


  • Jackie


What are your talking about Willis...My BigPond Movies card worked perfectly when I used it on my PC.

  • Ed St John


I strongly recommend to everyone avoiding the Bigpond cards. The discount is tempting but the cards do not work easily or properly unless you have Telstra bigpond/ Tbox etc. This isnt disclosed by Telstra and is just unacceptable marketing.

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