20% off iTunes cards still at available at some Caltex Service Stations

UPDATE: It’s becoming harder to find this deal, so I’ve marked it as not valid.

We’ve had a number of readers report that they are still seeing the 20% off iTunes card offer at some Caltex service stations.

This new (or extended) offer seems to only apply on $30 or $50 cards.

Not sure when this one expires, so please don’t shoot the messenger if they aren’t there 🙂

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


  • Aragond


I've seen it in Melbourne at the Caltex at the corner of Boundary Rd and White St in Mordialloc. There was a petrol-inspired queue the length of a prison chow line so I didn't buy any. I'm miles from there, now. So wish I had.

  • Jules


Im in WA..went and asked about this promotion today and they said it had finished...darn!

  • mikesonfirst


Has anyone found this offer in Melbourne?

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