Happy early Australia Day – get 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Kmart from Thursday! [save 25%]

UPDATED: Now with link to catalogue.

Finally the drought has been broken! I know a lot of you have been waiting for a decent deal to pop up…and Kmart has come to the rescue.

Starting this Thursday (Australia Day), you can get 2 x $20 iTunes gift cards for $30 at Kmart stores. This will save you 25% off the face value.

The offer is valid until the 1st of February – so don’t dilly dally…deals are scarce!

Thanks to Steven who sent this one in.

[Source: Kmart Catalogue, back page]

Other current gift card deals:

[20%] Drake Supermarkets Brisbane – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 5/2 or WSL
[20%] Caltex Service Stations – 20% off $30/$50 iTunes cards – unknown expiry


  • Rowan


Hey JR. As per the post, it expired on Feb 1.

  • JR


when does this end?

  • Japius


Just grabbed a dozen of these today, the checkout boy had no issue, the register activates them automatically, it took maybe 2 minutes for them all to activate and must give a running update as he was able to keep a running update "4 updated, 8 updated...etc"

  • Rowan


It's not specified in the catalogue. In the past some people have bought thousands worth...but given they no longer sell receipt based vouchers (only cards), the checkout person will be annoyed at having to activate that many cards :)

  • Jade


Is there generally a limit of the number that you can buy?

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