EXPIRED: Buy one $20 iTunes card, get one FREE at Harvey Norman for 1 hour tomorrow ONLY [save 50%]

UPDATE: This offer may be limited by state. It’s definitely in VIC and maybe in NSW. Perhaps call your local store before camping out there overnight 🙂

Well here’s one that’s sure to cause some interest.

Tomorrow (Saturday 26th May 2012) between 10am and 11am, if you purchase one $20 iTunes card, you’ll get another one for FREE! Effectively, this saves you 50% off the face value.

It’s limited to one per customer and is in store only.

Sure it’s a great deal…but staff who don’t know what’s going on, loooooong activation times and the inevitable low stock levels on the day turn me off this one.

I will be very surprised if many people actually manage to get this deal. Please let us know your experience in the comments below!

Thanks to Alvin who sent this in.

[Herald Sun via OzBargain]

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  • F.Lee


Gee I felt for you.... We had much better luck and service at Preston Vic HN....Although we got there and had no problems with the itune card stock...... my pregnant wife and child and I ended up waiting in the activations/payment line for 1hr+ !! as there was only one terminal working and the HN boss restricted the other terminals for their normal customers...They lady that served us was very patient and let us all pay through with one CC transaction :)However.... in hindsight.... not worth the wait and time esp. with preggie wife and kids.

  • T.


I just bought 4 lots of $20 x2 itunes cards from Harvey Norman Blacktown Store. I took my wife and my 4 kids with me. I got there at 10 am. There was one man in line in front of me and he must have bought at least 6 lots of $20 x2 itunes cards. But after he did that the female sales assistant beside him told that male sales assistant off that did that and noticed my four kids all lining up with me to buy cards and said that she was going to refuse us service because it was only one deal per person. I asked her "what aren't my kids people?" and was supported by the people who heard me. She then called over the manager who said that the kids (between 4 and 8 years old) all had to be able to pay for their own deals and that i couldn't put it all on one credit card. I wasn't carrying enough cash. The time was now 10.40am and there were really only 2 of us in my line that had been served so far. The female assistant on service was very rude and tried to make us look/feel bad just for bringing our kids with us to buy some itunes cards.

  • Rowan


I'm happy to stand corrected about it being a hassle to get them. Maybe I should have gone and got some :(

  • Rk


Picked up 2 x $50 ones at the o'connor store Perth! Never seen a line like that at Harvey Norman check out before

  • Justin


Expired!! It was a really good deal, thanks for the heads up!

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