EXPIRED: 20% off iTunes cards at Woolworths

If you are in need of iTunes credit or are looking for a cheaper way to upgrade to Apple’s new version of OS X “Mountain Lion”, Woolworths this week are offering 20% off all iTunes cards. This deal starts today as a weekly special and runs until 17th July 2012.

A big thanks to Alvin and Patrick for sending this one in.

[Source: Woolworths]

Other known gift card deals:

[25%] BP – 25% off Bigpond Music, Games and Movies cards – ends 11/7
[16.6%] Target – Get 2 x $30 iTunes gift cards for $50 – ends 12/7
[20%] Caltex – 20% off iTunes cards at Caltex Star Mart – ends 17/7
[16.6%] Dick Smith – 2x $30 Playstation Network cards for $50 – ends 16/7


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