EXPIRED: One Day Sale: 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Big W this Saturday 10/11/12 [save 25%]

If you were unsuccessful in securing this deal at your local EB Games, then you might be in luck!

Big W is having a One Day Sale this Saturday 10th of November, and among their specials is 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30. A saving of 25% off the face value.

It’s only for the one day though, so don’t miss out!

Thanks to Kerri and Stephen who both sent this in.

[Source: OzBargain]

Other known gift card deals:

[25%] EB Games – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – while stocks last!
[20%] Myer – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 25/11
[16.6%] Target – 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 14/11
[16.6%] Kmart – 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 21/11
[10%] Coles Express – 10% off iTunes cards – ends 28/11


  • Rowan


We're coming into the Christmas season, so you should be able to get a bargain. 25% off (2 x $20 for $30) is the "go to" deal. I'll always stock up on those. I personally don't buy at less than 20% off unless I'm desperate.

  • Lisa


Do they do this special ($20 cards for $30) often?'i have never been looking to buy iTunes cards before Should I now go for the 2 x $30 for 50 or hold out and the special ill come across the $30 one?

  • Kenny


Limit is 10. So I went to another store and got $1280 gift cards no problem but it has to be separate transaction every 10

  • Matt


No limits in store (according to person at service desk anyway) picked up 6! knocks off half a dozen christmas presents!

  • Kate


They're offering this online too. Can buy up to 10.

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