EXPIRED: 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 at Harvey Norman until 30/12 [save 25%]

Here’s a good deal that will last you right up until the 30th of December 2012, if you’re an exceptionally lazy gift buyer like me!

Harvey Norman has 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 starting today. This will save you 25% off the face value.

Pretty good for those whose local 7 Eleven may have run out of the 30% off cards.

[Source: Lasoo]

Other known gift card deals:

[30%] 7 Eleven – 30% off iTunes cards – ends 10/12 or while stocks last!
[25%] Big W Online – 2 x $20 iTunes cards for $30 – ends 9/12
[20%] BP – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 3/1
[20%] JB Hifi – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 9/12
[12.5%] Target – 25% off your 2nd iTunes card – ends 12/12


  • Tom


All Harvey Norman could make it if they really want to. If they run out of cards, they can actually print out the voucher but instead they said sorry we run out of stock. They did not to want sell it cos they are gonna lose money..

  • Helen


Went to HN Geraldton today - was told very bluntly that they weren't doing this deal!! I mentioned that I had seen it advertised on tv last night and was told bad luck!!!

  • Taz


HN Wagga has heaps... but don't try to get a 2nd set of cards, even walking out and back in the sales guys pointed me out and said 'NO!'. Nice job... Officeworks (across the carpark) will match but only once. So if you want one set of cards... go to Officeworks Price match and less 5%. Screw HN.

  • Nix


And it's not stealing as the unactivated card has no cash value.

  • Nix


Also if you buy a voucher at the cheap price, all you have to do do is find a $20 card elsewhere but not pay for it. It's useless as it won't be activated, then you just tell the person to use the number on the voucher not the card.

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