EXPIRED: 15% off iTunes cards at David Jones til 30/1

January tends to be a quiet month for iTunes discounts and traditionally we don’t see too many stellar deals.

But if you spent all your credit over the Christmas period and you need some more, then David Jones current has 15% off all iTunes cards.

The offer expires on the 30th of January and is available at all stores except Toowong Village and Claremont Quarter.

Thanks to Moosh who sent this in.

[Source: David Jones]

Other known gift card promotions:

[20%] Harvey Norman – 20% off iTunes cards – 27/1


  • Annoyed


Went to DJs in Carindale. No discount. stuff going to DJs for this.

  • yan


Went to dj in garden city, they didn't heard abt it too but still give me the discount after I showed the website! Love dj!

  • Dan


I asked in the Warringah Mall store (NSW) and they said there was no sale on.

  • Ax


Forget it! I wouldn't pass water over David Jones. It is nothing more than a yuppie junkyard for society's hoity-toities who have more money than sense.

  • Stuart


Just purchased a 20 dollar card from dj's chermside (qld)but no discount. I asked about the discount advertised but only refunded the 15 % when I showed them the dj's web page. That stated they got not information about it!

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