EXPIRED: 25% off iTunes gift cards at Myer for nearly a month!

Well here’s a pleasant surprise for your Tuesday evening.

Starting tomorrow, you can get 25% off iTunes gift cards at Myer.

That’s one of the top tier deals we all hang out for…but what’s out of the ordinary is that the promotion runs for three and a half weeks! That’s unheard of!

So you’ve got plenty of time (until the 21st of April) to get out there and stock up.

With the extended time frame, there may be some stock issues. Let us know in the comments if you have any issues.

Thanks to Shane who emailed in, and Peter who let us know on our Facebook page.

[Source: Myer via Lasoo]

Other current gift card deals:

[20%] Betta – $20 iTunes card for $16 – ends 31/3
[20%] Caltex Star Mart – 20% off iTunes cards – ends 9/4
[16.66%] Target – 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 14/4
[10%] Coles Express – Save 10% off iTunes gift cards – ends 31/3


  • Jay


Just got the 30% deal at Officeworks. Initially they would only match, but them the Manager called head office and they approved it.

  • Caz


I never thought of going to Officeworks, thats such a good idea!

  • Rob


Hey, you're lucky - your everyday prices are more than 25% cheaper than ours anyway! ;>Just kidding, but I don't think it'll help you. iTunes stores and their cards are country-specific.

  • Dan


Is there any way to buy this online? i'm from US and never see 25% off these things!

  • Lara


Thanks Gav, That's great to know as Officeworks is right next door!

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