EXPIRED: Get 2x $20 iTunes gift cards at Target for $30 [Save 25%]

Target_itunes_promo_jun_13Yes, it’s back. The ever popular 2x $20 iTunes cards for $30 deal has returned to your local Target store. Starting Thursday 30th May, you can take advantage of this deal and save 25% off the face value!

This offer is available until June 12, but unfortunately it appears Target Country shoppers miss out.

A big thanks to our readers Scott, Suzana, Barbara, Johnny, Alan and Roy for alerting us to this one!

[Source: Target]


  • Bryozoa


They have to do it in $200 lots

  • Chris


I just purchased 10 at my local Target Country and will be getting another 30 tomorrow

  • Stacey


Apparently my Target knows nothing about this deal. Does it just ring up that way if you go to the register? Can I find it in print somewhere so I can take it in and show it to them?

  • Janet


Target Country customers do not fear, I have just purchased this offer in my store at Camden, 2x $20 cards for $30, exactly the same offer. Go in store!

  • Scott


Just to confirm peeps, I bought $80 worth at Morisset Target Country today.

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