Redeem iTunes gift cards with your iPhone camera in iOS 7


We don’t post a lot of news here at Gift Cards on Sale, we try and just stick to the deals. However, when I saw this article over at AppleFanSite I thought that it was worth sharing with you guys.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate having to manually enter in all those voucher codes into iTunes – especially when you buy 10 x $20 gift cards at 25% off, even though you’ve still got over $100 in credit sitting in your account! That takes up valuable time that could be spent consuming some of the great media and apps available in the App Store.

Well, it looks as though a nifty new feature is finding it’s way into Apple’s new iOS 7 where you can redeem a gift card simply by taking a photo of the code!

Apple is currently in the process of updating the design of the back of their gift cards to support the new feature, and it is unknown how many (if any) of the new cards are actually available in Australia. The code needs to be in a box for it to be supported (see pic below). You’ve actually been able to do it since November last year using your Mac’s webcam and facetime.


Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen the new cards, or been able to redeem them through your computer’s webcam.

[Source: AppleFanSite, screenshot by @beaugiles]


  • Peter


I've been using iOS7 beta as a developer, and can confirm - that I can use the phone camera to redeem my cards!It will be hear soon!

  • Kevin Mitchell


They have that facility on the iMac with their in-buit camera as well, or should I say they will have shortly in the Australian iTunes store. Its already available in the US iTunes store

  • Peter


These new cards have been out for a while now. It has a holographic icon on the front face - and the black 'scratch' panel is now peelable!! (yay :D).I think Apple Australia is just waiting till its sure that a majority of the cards sold are new ones, so that they can ensure when they release the feature to Australia, there will be less unhappy customers :)Its coming soon!

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