EXPIRED: 20% off all iTunes & $100 Red Balloon gift cards this week

It’s starting to get to the busy season people! We’re starting to see more and more deals come through in the lead up to Christmas.

This one from Australia Post isn’t too bad.


From today (28/10) until Sunday 3rd of November, you can get 20% off all iTunes cards and 20% off $100 Red Balloon gift cards.

Might be a good time to get a few Christmas presents at a discounted rate??


Thanks to Matt and Nick who sent this in.

[Source: Australia Post via OzBargain]

Other known gift card promotions

[20%] Big W – Buy a $50 iTunes card for only $40 at Big W [Save 20%] – ends 13/11
[16.66%] Kmart – Get 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 20/11


  • Maz


FYI - when Itunes cards are put in catalogues at discounted price, it states in FINE PRINT that it is only available from GPO's hence why staff have no idea of discount and why it will not go through at discounted price. You need to purchase Itunes cards at GPO shop and not a franchised post office for deal.. And yes activation can take up to 24 hours!! our cards took 13 hours to activate was so frustrating.

  • Thad Ngn Dr


govmnt office closed? Oh dear

  • John


How can I purchase when post office is closed all weekend :(

  • Kris


Got mine at broadeach - the 24 hour thing is on all receipts whether po or kmart and is a worst case scenario- tried mine after 5 min, weren't ready same at 2 and 12 hours, next day they went through fine - sometimes it takes a while for their data to update in apples system.

  • Tony


Walked into Alexandria PO today, the staff there were very helpful and actually told me about the 20% off when I handed them the voucher. It sure beat the hell out of my experience at Redfern PO. Know what to do in future

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