EXPIRED: Buy a $50 iTunes card for only $40 at Big W [Save 20%]

bigw_itunes_50_for_40UPDATE: This deal is available in stores from this Thursday 31st October, not yesterday as previously reported

While there has been a bit of a lull in gift card deals, Big W has stepped up and is offering 20% off iTunes credit when you purchase a $50 iTunes card for only $40.

We have had some reports that stores have been starting this promotion early, however this deal officially begins on Monday 28th October Thursday 31st October and runs until November 13.

A big thanks to Melissa and Deb for pointing out this deal.

[Source: Big W]


  • michael


Spoke to BigW online chat, they said it was a store promotion only, its in the catalog that ends 13th November. Rang Up QV store Melbourne and confirmed price. Bought cards at the QV store without a problem (10 max)

  • Luke


Rubbish. The website is saying that the product itself is not available online or in store. It has nothing to do with the offer. My store has plenty of $50 cards, in fact they just got a new iTunes Card display unit up the front for Christmas.The offer is in the catalogue that ends on the 13th of November.Another word of advice as far as the Big W website is concerned. The prices aren't always the same as in store. Sometimes they are. Sometimes the website is more expensive. Sometimes a deal is online only.

  • Luke


Price Verifiers never show the discounted price, but always have the message that a promotional offer exists.It's in the catalogue that ends on the 13th of November. Tell them it's in there. The other solution is to try and buy one and if it scans at the register for full price just tell them you've changed your mind. They don't activate until after the sale is final.

  • Matt


BIG W's website now lists this offer as not available online or in store.

  • Eamonn


BigW Sunbury has no sign of an offer. Scanning on self scan flashes up "promotion exists for this item. Check end of shelf for details.", but shelves have nothing. Staff don't know of any offers, and when they scan get nothing about an offer.

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