EXPIRED: Get 2x $30 iTunes cards for $50 at Kmart [Save 16.6%]

kmart_2x_30_for_50Starting Monday, Kmart will begin offering a 16.6% discount when you buy 2x $30 iTunes cards for only $50. If Kmart is more convenient for you than Big W, head into your local store to take advantage of this deal.

This offer runs until 20th November 2013

Thanks to Rylan for sending this one in

[Source: Kmart]

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  • Thad Ngn Dr


Must go in to the store from what I understand. Makes sense for a deal on iTunes cards discounts because retailers need to bring customer in the door. Not the same as somebody browsing their website.

  • jmarsh


Ma nice will like that for Christmas

  • jmarsh


That's wassup. !

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