EXPIRED: 2 x $30 iTunes gift cards for $50 at Target [save 16.66%]

More deals are coming out of the woodwork this week, this time from Target.

It’s not as good as we’d all like, but it’s still a discount!

The offer ends on the 6th of November.

[Source: Target via Lasoo]

Other known gift card promotions

[20%] Big W – Buy a $50 iTunes card for only $40 at Big W [Save 20%] – ends 13/11
[20%] Australia Post – 20% off iTunes & $100 Red Balloon gift cards – ends 3/11
[16.66%] Kmart – Get 2 x $30 iTunes cards for $50 – ends 20/11

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  • Ngn Dr


It's worth saving the 10, so you're right not as great a deal on iTunes as everyone would love but it's definitely worth knowing about it.

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