EXPIRED: Buy one, get one FREE $20 iTunes card at Harvey Norman 16/11 for 2 hours only! [save 50%]


STOP THE PRESSES! If you’ve been waiting for a good deal, and you and your friends don’t mind lining up…then you’ll want to get down to Harvey Norman tomorrow between 10am and 12pm.

For that short 2 hour window, you’ll be able to buy one $20 iTunes card and get one FREE.

It’s limited to one deal per customer, so take your kids, dogs and fish along.

We’ve also heard the deal will be available online between 10am AEDT to 12pm AEDT, but I can imagine it will be quite difficult to get on.

Thanks to Naveen, Sam, Peter and Chris who sent this in.

[Source: OzBargain, also for pic source]

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  • Emily


I bought 11 lots online and picked them up in store, initially the store manager wouldn't sell me the 22 cards and insisted It's only one deal per customer, however I showed him the screen shots of their online offer which says one deal per order, there is no limit to how many orders a customer can make. They rang their online team and confirmed that I was right, I got my 22 cards and also received 2 extra free ones as the sales person insisted to give them to me to compensate for the hassle, so in total I got $480 worth of gift cards for $220.

  • Pranoto


I went to Harvey Norman Alexandria on Sat, they told me they don't participate in this deal since this store is only clearance center (whatever that means). Then I read the fine print underneath the ads saying this is online deal only. Then I tried to buy online but the status is "out of stock" in all eastern suburb stores. Is anyone actually able to buy on the store or online?

  • Karen


Thanks so much. Got three lots at Harvey Norman Joondalup. Reasonably well organised with plenty of checkout staff on - just as well as the queues were certainly growing while I was there. Missed the last 50% off deal, so Very happy to grab this one!

  • Sammy


Firstly please apologise for my English.I have the bad experience with the register at Harveynorman - broadway shopping centreFirst I range to the nearest store which is 84 O'Riordan St, Alexandria. They said there is in stock but only available 10am-12pm. I drove the car there with my missus & son. Spoke to a couple people and they confirmed that there is no promo on this site as it is clearance showroom. They advice to go to either more park or Westfield broadway. I went to Harveynorman broadway.I ask the register, my son can count? They said unfortunately they can't as my kids can't pay by himself. They can't count kid as a customer. I just need to get the clarify with them whether there is any policy that kid can't be the customer. They just refuse and told me that they will get the promo for me & my wife or for nothing (not sell to us). This is was the register staff acting. Also ask me to go to other branch if I want (promo only 2 hours available). I asked them to talk with their manager. One of the guy shown up and claim as manager. His name is Eric. He told me that he can offer for me & my wife with no exemption. He proud with Harveynorman that only one shop offer this 50% discount. He also refuse to give me the reason why can't my son can count as a customer. At the end I don't have time to go other branch. My wife & I just took this offer with unhappy.- Why kids can't be the customer? Because they don't have the money to pay by themselves? - Does Harveynorman has the policy to not allow kid being the customer or until what age? - Should Harveynorman keep up service mind training for register staff? The heat conversation start when the word "you will get my offer or for nothing" come out.

  • Trisha


Thanks got a deal today for each family member. 50% off, great!

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