EXPIRED: Buy one iTunes gift card, get 25% off the second at Target [save 12.5%]

UPDATE: The offer has been extended to December 24.

A few of the bigger retailers are bringing out a few more iTunes deals to help with your Christmas shopping, which is nice to see.


Starting today, Target is offering 25% off your second iTunes card when purchased together. It might seem like a good deal, but it is only saving you 12.5% off the face value.

You’re much better off heading to Big W and save the full 25%.

Thanks to Peter who sent this in.

[Source: Target via Lasoo]

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  • Damien


Hi guys. Just yesterday I was at a VIC Target store and they are doing the 20% off iTunes cards. Go for it! :-)

  • Tony


Just bought a $50 iTunes voucher for $39 at officeworks in Pitt st sydney

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