EXPIRED: Get 2x $20 iTunes gift cards for only $30 at Big W! [Save 25%]

itunes__20_gift_cards_00592652_POPBig W has been having a string of deals on iTunes gift cards lately, with the latest arrival in the form of a 25% discount. As per their newest catalogue, starting tomorrow 12th December and running right up to Christmas Eve, you can purchase 2x $20 iTunes cards for only $30 – saving you 25% off the face value.

This is one of the best discounts we have seen for this Christmas period so far and has arrived at a perfect time for anyone wanting to pick up some discounted iTunes credit as gifts. For anyone else who has been waiting for a 25% off deal, now is the time to grab some discounted credit and top up your iTunes account!

A big thanks to Peter and Shane for sending this one through.

[Source: Big W and OzBargain]

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  • MD


Not sure why this states expired. Purchased 10cards at Hallet Cove BIg W yesterday. Near cards on display they have hand written sign with 20x20 for 30. No problems at check out. They just had a second barcode sticker they scan after scanning each pair of cards

  • Tania


Big W highpoint refunded $30 difference and a box of chocolates of our choice for our time wasted.

  • Tania


Bought 6 itunes cards yesterday from Highpoint as pet advertised 2 x $20 itunes for $30 available from Big W until christmas eve. Was charged $40 fir 2. Ater realising i was overcharged staff member at service desk was not helpful and even after reading the advert he agreed that it did say offer expired chistmas eve but that catalogue has expired so the offer has also expired regardless. after speaking to the manager this morning and initially claiming Big W did not place the advert she said i could come in and get the difference refunded. Will see what happens hopefully they will honour it as the advertisment details are clearly misleading.

  • Rob


Successfully bought a few at the discounted price at Garden City. No advertising, but the lady at the checkout scanned a separate barcode as well as the card (so I'd avoid self-service)

  • Martin


For all those out there wanting to take advantage of the Big W special, it is still possible to get.Their website still has the catalogue (christmas catalogue – http://catalogues.bigw.com.au/catalogue/big-w-catalogue-christmas/4wuyq3w4d.html?pid=promotedCatalogue#pageNo=0) displayed, so if you print it out or load it up on your smartphone/tablet and demand that they honour it, they usually do.A tip for young players, if they say no, demand that as per current legislation, they need to pull all stock off the floor. (this is actually not entirely correct, but I have yet to meet a manager that is confident enough in their knowledge of this) Usually you will need to get the manager involved, but if you have the time and don’t mind making a scene, you can save the dollars! Usually this threat works.Also, something else to try is the scanning code of conduct. By this, if it is scanned at an incorrect price, usually they have to give you the first one free, and fix the price for the other items.They can only say no!

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